How To Protect Your Children And Yourself From A Dog Attack

In order to protect your children and yourself from a dog attack you need to follow the important safety rules below. Children, especially, need education about protection from dog attacks because they may behave and move in such a way that dogs mistake them for prey, and they are less able to defend themselves from a dog attack.

· Always keep your face away from dogs.

· Be careful about intruding on the dog’s territory.

· Be certain a dog is aware of your presence before you handle it, because a startled dog may attack on reflex.

· Do not chase or tease dogs.

· Do not disturb a dog that is busy eating or chewing a toy. Let sleeping dogs lie (sleep). If a mother dog is caring for her puppies, leave her and the puppies alone.

· Do not make loud sounds near a dog.

· Do not put your hand or other body parts between two dogs.

· Do not run because you can’t run faster than a dog.

· Do not stare into a dog’s eyes and avoid direct eye contact. Dogs perceive this as aggressive behavior.

· Do not try to help an injured dog; get an adult (or another adult) to help.

· Get permission from the dog’s owner before approaching a dog, and make sure the owner is present.

· If a dog knocks you over, roll into a ball, cover you face and neck, and remain still (play dead).

· If a dog starts to circle you, turn with it instead of letting it get behind you.

· If the dog is showing aggressive behavior such as growling or baring its teeth, place something between you and the dog, such a coat or backpack, and slowly leave.

· If you happen upon a stray dog, leave the area as quickly and safely as you can.

· Just because a dog wags its tail doesn’t mean it is friendly.

· Never approach a stray dog or unfamiliar dog, and be cautious while around one. Be especially careful when a dog is behind a fence, confined, in a car, or tied up. Don’t reach through a fence to pet a dog.

· Never approach or play with a dog unless an adult is present.

· Never leave an infant or small child alone with a dog.

· Never play with a dog without allowing it to sniff you first.

· Remain calm and still when a dog approaches you. Remain motionless with your hands at your sides. If the dog appears friendly by wagging its tail and raising its head and ears up, let it sniff you and speak to it with a soothing voice.

Remember, there is no such thing as a dog that doesn’t bite.

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